Mark Koitmaa and Sylvia Wanderaas

We first met Corbin in the late summer of 2011 while he was hosting an open house. My wife and I were casually looking at homes and deciding if we were really ready for our first purchase. The house was empty of other potential buyers so Corbin invited us to sit on the patio with him to chat. The conversation was very low key, and even though we told him we were only at the early stages of "considering" a purchase, he was open to answering all our questions. Corbin did "check-in" a few times over the following weeks and months, but didn't pressure us, and after a few months we decided he was the kind of Realtor we wanted.

In December of 2011 with Corbin's help we started seriously looking. He never acted as our chauffeur :) but he did do much more. It was a crazy real estate market with nearly all the available homes being short sales or foreclosed homes. Every one had multiple bids and making the highest offer was often not enough to get it accepted unless the offer was all cash - something we weren't in the position to do. Corbin helped us understand the mindset of the sellers and we had an offer accepted in early February of 2012. Not surprisingly it was a short sale and the mortgage holding banks still needed to approve the sale.

Months went by without any progress from the banks. At the end of June, the sellers agent contacted Corbin to advise him that the sale was going to fall through because the house was in foreclosure and there was insufficient time to complete a short sale. The seller's agent also said that a foreclosure notice had been posted on the front door of the house weeks earlier and he had removed it but didn't take any other action. He had obviously given up. But Corbin hadn't given up and he was able to get the foreclosure postponed for a couple weeks and to get the banks moving on the short sale approval process.

At this time we were due to leave town for a number of days on a long planned trip and of course as luck would have it, something urgent came up - the house inspection had been scheduled and Corbin told use there were a few small problems that would cause the inspection to fail, and if failed, we would not get our financing. Corbin told us not to worry about it - we should go on our trip and he would take care of the problems himself! Talk about going above and beyond!! We received voice mail and email updates while we were away, one of which was his confirmation that the home inspection passed. 

The first bank finally approved the sale but as time was running out and the second bank was demanding a settlement that would put the selling price above the appraised value. Even if we wanted to, our lender would not allow us to pay any amount above the appraised value. Coming down to the wire, Corbin arranged a settlement that satisfied everyone, and we were able to close escrow just a couple days before the foreclosure deadline.



Gordon B. Jalkemo

I feel it is in place to extol the dedication and virtue displayed by Corbin Demaree in executing the market research, design of outstanding marketing material second to none, marketing effort along with coordination and management that in a rapid succession lead to the sale of our property in Campbell.

It has been said before that people “go the extra mile” and in the case of Corbin, his unprovoked willingness to do so along with his unquestionable dedication to the task as frequently demonstrated by him in reaching outside the comfort zone of what you expect of a typical Real Estate person. His professionalism can only be applauded. Corbin’s dedication and attention to details gave us, the property owners, a strong feeling of not only competence on his part but also a strong feeling of teamwork throughout the process. Corbin never failed to communicate with us, the property owner, at all times hence keeping us abreast of all proceedings.

Corbin demonstrated that he has a firm “finger on the market pulse” hence, can ably navigate through the myriad of factors that sets one property apart from another. A most reassuring ability when it comes to reaching a fair price for your property. Simply put, Corbin judged and proposed the advertised price to attract the maximum number of prospective buyers.

In closing I can without hesitation recommend, and am willing to do so in person, the services of Corbin Demaree should you seek to sell or buy a property as you can rest assured that Corbin will look after your interest at all times in the most ethical way. 

Stephanie Thorn

Fantastic realtor. Corbin was really easy to work with, very patient and willing to go the extra mile to help me on things I just didn't know about. I started looking to purchase a home almost two years ago, moved away, came back and am happy to say, I just closed on my first home, largely because of Corbin!

While I was looking, he showed me anything I wanted to see, yet he also gave me space to look on my own. I looked at A LOT of properties. He wasn't pushy, which I really appreciated. Yet, he always followed up to make sure I knew he was there to help or show me properties. He was very responsive, and worked after hours on several occasions to answer questions and to keep us on track.

The house I bought, I wasn't even going to make an offer on. Not because I didn't want it, but because I didn't want to be in a bidding war, paying way over asking, which we had just been through on another house. I told Corbin I wasn't going to make an offer. A few days later, surprisingly, the property was still active. He contacted me and suggested we at least try. Well, we did and my offer was accepted at a price I am very happy with!

Corbin executed everything perfectly. He helped me decide on an offer I would be comfortable with. He's great at negotiating and stood up for me to make sure my interests were protected throughout. He set up inspections and appointments for me, got answers on random environmental reports/concerns, helped me understand fees, potential fees and made himself available for appointments and getting in the house. Any question or issue, he was willing to help me find an answer to, even if it wasn't his job.

He was supportive through the whole process, which wasn't easy and he always kept us moving forward, letting me know what to expect next. He went above and beyond throughout the whole thing and kept me calm through it all.

I'm very thankful for Corbin and highly recommend him! 

Frank & Alex Mena

From the very start of the sale process, Corbin made me feel incredibly at ease, due to his patience and his knowledge of the market. He was able to inform me of each detail of my neighborhood’s effect on the price range of my home’s sale, including the quality of its school districts as well as assets like the local park and nearby athletic clubs. With this information, we were able to pinpoint the near perfect asking price on my home in its unaltered condition and were then able to begin planning the renovation process in order to reach our desired asking price.

Throughout the beginning of the three month renovation process, Corbin was easy to reach and constantly went the extra mile when it came to preparing the house. The house had quite a bit of fixing that needed to be done, and he even helped taking down a ten foot satellite dish.

When it finally came to the showing process, Corbin delivered every single weekend by never once seizing to bring in interested buyers each Saturday & Sunday until my wife and I received an offer that we were both happy with. When it came down to the paperwork and the closing of the sale, Corbin explained each step of the process and made everything painless and straight forward. He then arranged a sizable amount of time for a comfortable moving out stage to ensure that the house would be cleared out by the set move-out date.

When it came to the final weekend, Corbin was there throughout the entirety of the day, moving, transporting, cleaning, repairing, and doing absolutely everything he could to help us finally get the job done. He even worked into the late hours of the night with us and then came back the next morning for the final hand off to make sure absolutely everything was cleared out and that each room was spotless for the new owners.

I could go on for quite a while on the amazing work he did and the extra mile he went every single day until the house was sold and cleared out. There is absolutely no way it could have been done without him. He puts in way more time and effort in so many things outside of his job description because he genuinely cares about each client. I could not have asked for a better realtor.

Chuck Geber and Sara Zeff Geber

If you are looking to list your house with a reliable and knowledgeable realtor in the Los Gatos/Saratoga/Campbell area, you can’t do better than Corbin Demaree. 

We met Corbin when he was marketing a listing not far from us. He rang our doorbell and politely introduced himself to us, telling us that he had just listed the nearby home.  He gave us his card and let us know that he specialized in our area.  When my husband told him that we were planning to sell our house the following year, he began to send us information about home values in our area.  He kept in touch with us periodically and without being pushy he let us know he was available when we were ready.

When we decided it was the right time to sell, we had developed the budding relationship with him and despite the fact that we knew other people in the real estate business, we decided to give Corbin a try.  Early on, he struck us as very bright, professional, business-oriented, and serious about his profession.   He turned out to be all of that and more.

I was a licensed real estate agent in another state, so I know something about the business and what is required of a listing agent.  At every juncture Corbin went well beyond what is “required” in the job.  No question was too stupid; no issue too small.  In addition, he was a real partner in scheduling the inspections, getting us moved, getting the house staged, and working out the best listing price – the price we ultimately sold for, 10 days after listing, to a highly qualified buyer. 

Corbin put us in the hands of an excellent title company agent, the escrow went seamlessly and we closed less than 30 days after the offer was made. 

I have a hard time imagining a more professional, thorough, and attentive agent than Corbin.  We would use him again in a heartbeat and we would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more about how he works.